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A Warm Magical Place Where Young Children Are Having Lots of Fun Playing And Learning Through Their Own Creativity while Exploring Environments And Building Social Skills In A Atmosphere That's Warm and Supportive

Our Quality Staff And Parent Involvement. Helps Provide A Rich And Intimate Setting For Your Child Care Needs

Nurturing what makes learning fun and adventurous for you and your child

Heffalump Preschool is one amongst this country’s very few cultural organizations working with today’s Families aspiring to the artistic excellence offered by music, science, sports, and art. Touching young lives as positive role models serving a deeply felt need with a great potential along with diversity

Learning Standards Through Play

Pre-K ( Ca. State Standards) Cognitive Development; Learning through active participation and exploration, Beginning to recognize own strengths and needs. Language/Literacy Development; Vocabulary Development, Sequencing and Recall, Motor Development; Large/Small muscle movement and coordination, Awareness of one’s body in space. Social emotional Development:

We Believe Every

Child Is Like A Flower Feed Them And They

Will Grow. Ignore Them And They Will Wither Away